Conference Program

Thursday, April 13
Humanities Conference Room, Royce Hall Room 314
4:30 Refreshments
5:00 Keynote Lecture: Anthony Pagden (UCLA)
Plus Ultra: Changing European Images of Time and Space”
Friday, April 14
Humanities Conference Room, Royce Hall Room 314
8:30 Registration, Coffee, Pastries
9:00 Opening Remarks
Panel 1: Mapping
9:15 Richard Calis (Princeton University)
“Trust and Credibility in Early Modern Ethnography: Martin Crusius and  Ottoman Greece”
9:35 Miranda Elston (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)
“Cultural Knowledge through the Architectural Landscape: Utopia and the Mapping of Culture”
9:55 Anna Venturini (Warburg Institute)
“Approaching the Inner Unknown: Hand-Mapping in 17th-Century France”
10:15 Discussion
10:45 Break
Panel 2: Exerting Empire
11:00 Alex Haskins (University of Chicago)
“‘The Spirit of Erasure’—Asian Despotism in Montesquieu’s Spirit of the Laws”
11:20 Robert Iafolla (UCLA)
“Heralding the Unknown: Coats of Arms in Early Spanish America”
11:40 Discussion
12:00 Lunch Break
Panel 3: Telling
1:30 Kersti Francis (UCLA)
“From Babel to Wonder: Multilingualism as Marvel in Marco Polo’s Le Devisement du Monde
1:50 Nathan Kish (UCLA)
Novum genus disciplinae: Novelty and Alterity in Roman Oratorical Criticism”
2:10 Cristina Politano (UCLA)
“Holy Aphasia: On the Ineffability of God in Bendeit’s Voyage de Saint Brendan
2:30 Discussion
3:00 Break
Panel 4: Imagining
3:15 Anya Josephs (UCLA)
“Staging the Unknown: Eyewitness and the Early Modern Stage”
3:35 Erika Mandarino (Tulane University)
“‘How can I solve this doubt without going up there?’: Cyrano de Bergerac’s Adventures in the Heavens”
3:55 Florencia Pierri (Princeton University)
“The Rehabilitation of the Unicorn: The Tension Between Myth and Reality in Early Modern Europe”
4:15 Discussion
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